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Welcome to Total Transition Ministry, LLC

As a result of working with our team you will achieve whole body positivity on a mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual level. You will rediscover what it feels like to give yourself permission to according to your values and what truly makes you happy. You will learn to trust and honor your inner voice vs. the voices from outside of you. This will allow you to recenter your inner compass and go in the direction that feels right for you.



At Total Transitions Ministry our team supports community organization and development.

Grief and Loss Support Group for Adults 18+

We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday to provide a safe space for anyone who has experienced grief and loss. This is a place where you can come as you are. We are not here to tell you how to feel or how to grieve. We are here to listen, to support and to share. We do fun activities as well as discuss the everyday REALITY that living after loss brings.

A lot of attendees of the group say that they shut down around family and friends because no one understands. They give gratitude for this group because they are with others “who have been through what they’ve been through and they get it.”

A lot of attendees of the group come in crying and leave feeling a sense of relief because they got to share about their loved one and no one tried to tell them how or what to feel.

A lot of members feel acceptance, understood, love and support.

*Teen and Children’s Groups will be forming in 2020

Our In-Person & Telehealth Services include: 

  • Individuals and Group Counseling

  • Addictions including Gambling

  • Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Counseling

  • Neuroscience Coaching

  • Organizational Training and Consulting

  • Social Work Supervision

Annual Missions Trip to Senegal West Africa with Project Safety Nets

In 2006 God had shown me a vision of being a Missionary in Africa. I did not know when or how this was going to happen until I took a cruise to Cuba in 2018. We had the opportunity to eat dinner together and after learning about what she does with her organization I knew that God was about to fulfill his promise.

I was excited that my application to be a member of the 2019 Missions Team was accepted. As a team member I raised money and supplies to contribute towards the organizations mission and motto, “Creating sustainable communities and economic development.”  I knew this would be life changing but never imagined how participating in that trip would positively affect me on a mental/emotional, spiritual, social and physical level.

It really feels inadequate for me to describe nevertheless I will attempt to do just that!

+ Mental/Emotional

+ Social

+ Spiritual

+ Physical

Trip to Senegal West Africa with Project Safety Nets 2020

I used plenty of mosquito repellent, so I felt really protected but I was still bitten by the bug. The bug I’m talking about is the travel bug. I reapplied to travel as a part of the 2020 Project Safety Nets Mission’s Team. Now that I have officially been accepted, I am in the process of collecting donations and supplies towards the trip.  A lot of people are inspired to donate towards my travel costs, to the various Mission’s projects or both. You can donate towards my travel cost via my  or cashapp $theunstuckqueen or you can make a tax-deductible donation directly to Project Safety Nets using this link.

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